A layer of fresh snow (Nysnö)

A transformative psychedelic experience is sometimes likened to a layer of fresh snow that covers ruts in our psychological functioning. Previous patterns are replaced by an increased awareness, new perspectives and greater flexibility to develop and steer life in a desired direction.

psychedelic practice and science

Nysnö holds the leading expertise in Sweden in psychedelic science, substances and their potential areas of application. We work to prepare society  for a coming paradigm shift. We do this by raising the level of knowledge among the public and in the healthcare field, reducing stigma and by offering access to legal and safe psychedelic experiences.

what we do

Since 2021, we have run 30+ psilocybin group programs including more than 300 individuals, with preparation and integration in Sweden or online. We have proggresively expanded our scope to provide international practitioners with the opportunity to experience psilocybin in a unique, legal and secular setting.

about us

The clinical psychologists in Nysnö have played a central role in enabling the field of psychedelic science in Sweden, including the first clinical study. We have developed a unique program model, creating a synergy between psychedelic experiences and focused psychological group work. Our long-term goal is to build a platform and a professional community for future psychedelic clinics.