Psychedelic practice and science

psychedelic practice and science

Nysnö holds the leading expertise in Sweden about psychedelic science, substances and their potential areas of application. We work to prepare society for a coming paradigm shift. We do this by raising the level of knowledge among the public and in the healthcare field, reducing stigma and offer access to legal and safe psychedelic experiences.

what we do

Since 2021, we have run 20+ psilocybin group programs including more than 200 individuals, with preparation and integration in Sweden or online. During 2023, we are expanding our scope to provide international practitioners with the opportunity to experience psilocybin in a legal and secular setting.

about us

The clinical psychologists in Nysnö have played a central role in enabling the field of psychedelic science in Sweden, including the first clinical study. We have now developed a unique program model, creating a synergy between psychedelic experiences and focused psychological group work. Our long-term goal is to build a platform and a professional community for future psychedelic clinics.

Psykologerna i Nysnö

Since 2021, the team at Nysnö has facilitated more than 25 programs including a retreat with psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands. Our programs include preparation and integration in groups, and are led by trained clinical psychologists.

Our retreats take place in scenic and rural locations in the Netherlands, ideally designed for this type of work.

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